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About the Owner

Hi, my name is Sean Brougham and thank you for visiting Wealth & Protection. I created this site as a free resource for anyone to learn more about investing in Gold and Silver and some of the different options to balance your portfolio.  Gold is something many different people and cultures around the world have cherished and coveted for thousands of years. 

Wealth & Protection has taken the time to do the research for you and put some great free information here.  Hopefully you find just what you need here to make that educated decision to balance your portfolio with a Gold IRA or other type of investment in precious metals.  Just click on any of the links throughout the site, fill out some basic information and you will be connected to a 5 star rated company that will answer all of your questions and give you First in Class Service.  

Sean Brougham

I'm a proud US Navy Veteran and I discovered this company that I trust and believe in and have no problem recommending to family, friends and now you.   So why Gold? It's a perfect balancer for your portfolio is the #1 reason. I'm 46 and I think by the time I could talk and walk, I was hearing about Gold.  Stories of miners panning for Gold out west.  Images of pots of Gold if you could catch that lucky little Irish leprechaun! Pirates treasure and always guarding their beautiful chest of Gold! You ever read fantasy books or ever seen The Lord of the Rings? You see Dragons with their piles of Gold. The list goes on and on with people's desire for Gold.

The desire for Gold and other precious metals has been around for thousands of years.... and for good reason. It's a real, tangible universal asset.  There’s no fantasy or fiction with that fact….It’s a great resource with many great reasons to invest in it as a part of your diversified portfolio.  Balance is key.  You will notice this website and Goldco Direct will never say it should be your only asset and I think that's super important.  They put together incredibly important information on why you should invest in a Gold IRA especially if you are concerned about your stocks and close to retirement. If you are over 59, I would definitely recommend you at least discuss your options…. Anyone remember 2008? Don’t let that happen to you!

Look, I wish I bought Amazon stock in 2010.... I really wish I bought Bitcoin in 2011. If you haven't Googled the value of either of those back then, you should. It's amazing how far they have come. Did you know bitcoin was first used to buy a pizza? Maybe I will get lucky with NFT's, or stocks here and there, maybe some crypto but there's one consistent product that has been out there for thousands of years.... Gold! If markets crash? Gold is there for you.  It's not going away and if you already have some, ask yourself this question... Do you have enough? What about a Gold IRA?  Once I’m 59+ it’s not even an option for me, it’s a must-have!  I got to keep balancing that portfolio and I hope you do too!

Thank you again for stopping by my site. I really hope you find the content here useful and feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. And Remember....Always Go for the Gold in anything you do.  God Bless and stay Wealthy and Protected!

You can read everything about investing in gold, silver and other precious metals on the website, also if you're interested in setting up an alternative assets IRA.

Additionally, I can send you a FREE Investor Kit and it will arrive directly at your door.

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