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Reasons Why Business Moguls Such As Warren Buffet And John Paulson Buy Gold

Gold, more than any other commodity, has fascinated human societies since the dawn

of recorded history.

Over gold and mercantilism, empires and kingdoms were established and destroyed. Gold became universally acknowledged as a good source of payment as societies progressed. In short, gold has had a power greater than any other commodity on the earth throughout history, and that power has never truly vanished. Until the 1970s, the United States' monetary system was based on a gold standard. Since the amount of credit issued is synced to a physical supply of gold, experts of this standard say that such a monetary system effectively restricts credit expansion and enforces lending standards. After over three decades of credit expansion in the United States, which culminated in the financial catastrophe in the fall of 2008, it's difficult to disagree with that viewpoint.

Some of the world's richest people like Warren Buffet and John Paulson believe in the old school, safest methods of preserving wealth such as investing in Gold. It is very hard to ignore the fact that gold has been the safest asset for thousands of years. That is why Mr. Buffet and Mr. Paulson have stacked $1 Billion and $1,5 Billion worth of gold respectively.

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Here are some reasons why you should get started with investing in Gold right now!

Value of Gold Remains Stable

When looking at the past performance gold has managed to hold its value. Gold has been utilized in tools, technology, and as a symbol of wealth and prestige since ancient times. Gold is still used in modern technologies, from phones to space suits. People save this valuable metal in order to pass it down to future generations, preserving the family's wealth and legacy.

When The Reserve Currency Depreciates in Value, The Price of Gold Remains Stable

When the value of the US dollar falls, the price of gold rises. For this reason, gold has been dubbed a "safe haven." People rush to gold as soon as the reserve money falls in value.

Protection From Inflation

Because of inflation, our purchasing power has dwindled over time, along with the value of each dollar. The price of gold rises in tandem with the expense of living. Because gold, unlike paper money, cannot be printed, its supply is finite. When people lose faith in the government and fiat money, they usually turn to gold, an asset with a value that has remained stable for hundreds of years. As a result, gold is regarded as the ultimate inflation hedge.

Purchasing Power of Gold Soars During Deflation

Deflation happens when an economy's total price level declines while the currency's buying power rises. This can be caused by either too much supply and shortage in demand, or a decrease in the supply of money and credit. People tend to save cash instead of spending it during deflation, and many did so with gold during the Great Depression of 1930 since it was the safest way to do so. During the Great Depression, gold prices went up as markets and the economy struggled. This demonstrates that gold is advantageous in both inflation and deflation circumstances.

Crisis Commodity During Geopolitical Crisis

Not only in times of financial uncertainty, but also in times of geopolitical instability, gold retains its value. It's known as the "crisis commodity" because when global tensions arise, people rush to it for its relative safety. During these harsh periods gold often outperforms other investments. E.g. Gold prices have seen significant price changes this year as a result of the European Union issue. Its value rises the most when people have less faith in governments, meaning less faith in currencies. People find comfort in owning gold since it is manufactured and created naturally by the earth, and it has no political beliefs or objectives.

Supply Limits

Gold mining companies are attractive to clever investors because they are the only industry that can guarantee that all of its products will be sold. However, establishing a new gold mining production can take 5-10 years, limiting supplies due to the long time frame. Since 2000, gold production has been declining. The vast majority of gold sold and bought in recent years has come from central bank vaults. The supply and demand curve now shows that supply is low and demand is high.

Increasing Demand

Arising economies' roaring abundance is expanding the interest for gold. China purchases gold bars as their customary type of reserve funds and individuals from India purchase gold during the wedding season. President Joe Biden is launching an electric car initiative that will create more demand for valuable metals like gold and investors are starting to see the advantages of possessing this valuable metal.


Gold's price fluctuates frequently, yet it remains stable over time and preserves its value. Gold prices react to paper assets such as stocks and bonds, therefore it's a good idea to include it in a diversified portfolio as a sort of insurance. Diversification is the most important guideline in investing since it reduces risk over time. Even within metals, smart investors diversify with silver, platinum, and palladium.

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